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Lawn Fertilization

Billbug Control

Spider Barriers

Systemic Tree Injections

Lawn Mowing



Sprinkler Repairs

Sprinkler Blowouts


Lawn Fertilization Program: Prices starting at $35 (based on sq ft)

I offer flexible programs for customers. One size doesn't fit all!

I believe in a fertilizer pre-emergent in the spring. We have crabgrass in our area and if your lawn has a history of it, you could end up a mess without pre-emergent.

The billbug treatment is very important if you have the bluegrass blend of grass. The fescue blend of grass doesn't get hit as hard with billbugs.

The number of applications is always your choice. Three applications will give you a good lawn. Four applications will give you a great lawn, and five applications will give you a lawn superior to all others.

I use a wonderful slow-release fertilizer that won't burn your lawn up with the heat of the summer.

If I see any weeds, I will spot-spray for them each time I visit. If the weather is unfavorable, I will return to the weeds when the weather is better.

If fungus is present in your lawn, I'll take care of it. If you have low iron or high ph, I can do that, too.

All lawns are different. I will customize your lawn fertilization program to fit your individual needs.

Spider Barriers: Most houses ($39-$49)

I spray around your foundation and in the flower beds. I've found reducing the insects, food source for the spider, you in turn have less spiders. You can do 2-4 applications/year. If you don't have many spiders, two applications should be good. The more applications you have done, the better control for your home. If you have a history of ants, I'll spray driveway cracks and other paths the ants might take to your house.

Systemic Tree Injections: Bid only (approx $1.5/caliper inch)

I've sprayed trees with insecticide for years. Now that I'm independent, I choose to use the systemic form of treatment. Using a device called a Kioritz, I inject a chemical that doesn't move much when in the soil. The chemical is a product similar to Bayer's systemic. The base chemical is imidacloprid. After the chemical is injected, it is then pulled up into the tree for season-long control of insects. Spraying does work, but it is far more wasteful and difficult to apply with wind and timing issues. I usually do systemic tree injections in the spring. 

Lawn Mowing: ($34 and up)

Professional Mow and Edge. 10 years experience.

Landscape: (Bid only)

Water features, sprinkler installs, pavers, flagstone, perma-bark, new mulch, new trees, refresh your flower beds, new sod, retaining walls, and more.

Lawn Aerations: ($39 and up)

My personal belief is there isn't really a bad time of year to do aerations, as long as the soil isn't frozen! Traditionally, I do them in the spring. The goal is to open up the compacted soil. The aeration punches holes in the ground to help the roots get the water, air, and nutrients they need to thrive. I've personally seen several lawns over the years where the soil was so compacted that it had dry spots - even with heavy water and good sprinkler coverage. After an aeration, the dry spots went away.

Sprinkler Repairs: (Call or email for availability and pricing)

I do sprinkler repairs for my long-time customers and a few new ones. If the sprinkler job can't be done in a timely enough manner, I partner with a sprinkler tech and am happy to offer a referral to him. He has many years experience (more than myself) and will do a great job, but he may cost a little more.

Sprinkler Blowouts: (Most homes $29-$39)

I have eight years experience doing sprinkler blowouts, and I stand behind my work. I don't take on too many new customers, but I may have a limited number of openings. I want to make sure that I can take care of every customer, every year.

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