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Nineteen years ago, I helped start a lawn maintenance company with my uncle. I learned how to professionally mow and edge lawns. As the company grew, I learned sprinklers (from repairs to installs) and landscape, and as it grew further, I learned the business of fertilizing. For the past fifteen years, my focus has been spray: lawn fertilizer, bill bug control, spider barrier, tree and shrub insect control. My uncle decided to sell the company and my division. I worked for the new company for three years, but was left unsatisfied; to this new company, making money was the priority, leaving customer service and loyalty at a distant second. Many of my long-time customers encouraged me to go out on my own, and I'm now starting my eleventh year of doing just that. The first few years were a little tough (and I learned a lot!), but I'm eager show my long-time customers just how much I appreciate them, and find a few few new ones to impress, as well.

Many have seen my motto: I look forward to giving you the best lawn on the block. This sounds nice - even corny - but when I step foot on your lawn, I really do want it to look better than your neighbors. It gives me professional pride in my work, and the feeling that I'm earning your business by doing a good job. I'm not getting rich at this, so it's important to me to feel good about my work.

I look forward to showing many more people just how beautiful their lawn can look.

Marc Smith

Eagle, Idaho


-Fifteen years lawn fertilizer and insect control experience

-Nineteen years total experience in lawn maintenance

-Professional Applicator Licensed and Insured

-Professional References available upon request

-Satisfaction Guaranteed

Independent because QUALITY DOES MATTER.

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